5 Ideas for the Ultimate Footstool

There is nothing nicer than coming home and putting your feet up after a long day. Footstools are coming back into fashion and the scope of designs is mouth-wateringly fabulous. This blog gives you five different ideas for the upholstery and style of your next footstool. Pop your feet up and have a read. Box design The box design footstools are great for storage – you can sneak your books and magazines inside the footstool to reduce clutter in your lounge or bedroom. The box footstool can then be re-upholstered with fabric of your choice from chic chevron to bold floral. Want it to move easily? Add some cool castors to the bottom of the box for an easy-to-move addition to your home. Bigger is best The larger the better for a footstool is a fashionable focal point in any room in your home at the moment. Especially if you spruce it up with a blanket, a tray with hot chocolate and a sleeping cat. You can opt to tuft your large footstool and give it a vintage look, or you could use tartan tones to add warmth to a country cottage style. Retro style A grey flannel wing back armchair needs a footstool to be complete and looks amazing with long, thin, oak furniture feet. This furniture will create the perfect reading corner in your home, ideal for an office or kitchen space. Play with the grey flannel colour, and try to stick to neutral colours with bold accessories. Cable Knit Cable knit is everywhere currently – in fashion, furniture and blankets. Playing with cable knit as a cover to your footstool is a modern and chic take on this old-school item. Mix it up by using a bold orange or green to help your stool pop. Unless you don’t want the stool to be used for its purpose, avoid lighter shades. Choose between a beanbag pouf footstool or suspended footstool on slender, long legs. Bold patterns 2015 is all about mixing up the bold patterns and textures in a room so why not choose a retro print or velvet fabric to add a new dynamic to your space. These designs look great on shorter, stout footstools with thick legs. Feeling particularly girly? Add a frilly trim and a tray with vintage tea cups. Do you have a footstool in your home? Tell us about it? Send us a picture on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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