5 Ways to Decorate with Candles

Candles have always managed to transform a room’s ambiance and atmosphere from grey and dreary to warm and romantic. As the autumn days return, candles are being gradually lit all around our home, giving off that cosy and earnest glow. Who doesn’t love curling up in front of the TV with fluffy socks, a blanket and some hot chocolate to the flickering dance of candlelight? This blog acts as a guide to decorate with candles in a safe and easy way. Mirrors: Creating an atmosphere of lots of candles can be hard to do and more dangerous than the average household would like. One way to design a room that suggests there are many candles is by using a mirror. Whether you decorate with candles using three in front of a mirror on a mantelpiece, or place candles along a mirror for a centrepiece to a table design, you will elude a feeling that there are more candles in the room without being unsafe. Vase: There are many ways you can use a vase and a candle together to decorate your home. One idea is to fill up the base of your vase with coffee beans and add a vanilla candle to the middle. This will look seasonal and give off the best aroma. If you aren’t a fan of the smell of coffee, stones are a great substitute. If you are feeling really creative, you can fill the vase with water and pop a floaty candle on top and add a few petals. Vases also feel safer as you decorate with candles in a confined environment. Mason Jars: It looks like mason jars are not just a passing trend as they are still all the rage at chic restaurants and look lovely. Pop tea lights in a bunch of mason jars and line them up a spiral staircase or along a windowsill for a romantic, stylish look. Vary the width and height: A centrepiece for a dinner party can really come to light (no pun intended) with several candles of all different shapes and sizes. Place your selection of candles on top of a vintage cake stand or on a wooden tray to give an old school or rustic composition. This also looks great in an old fireplace, especially if you are happy for the wax to dribble down the candle to the floor. Vintage lanterns: If a gothic style is what you are after when you decorate with candles then invest in some vintage style lanterns. The great thing about lanterns is they can be hung around the room, taking your candle light up high. They are perfect for setting the spooky mood just in time for Halloween too. Battery operated candles are now available to buy and can ease your mind from any concerns of a house fire. Look for the candles you can set on a timer and they will light up automatically each night. If you don’t get the battery candles, don’t forget to blow them out! Have you decorated with candles in your home in a unique way? Tell us about it on our Facebook and Twitter.

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