We’ve rounded up the interiors trends that are set to take off in 2018 and are super easy for you to recreate at home or in your studio. Prepare for a departure from years of Scandinavian interior design, millennial pink is getting a grown-up make-over and metallic finishings will be glittering on everything from chair legs to door handles. This year is set to get bolder and darker with all-white-everything on its way out, to be replaced by statement pieces and pops of colour. 1. Ultra violet Ultra violet has been deemed the colour of the year by Pantone, and although it’s bright bejewelled tones seem to have come at us out of nowhere, a deep shade of purple actually makes total sense. After the millennial pink mania of 2017, and the slow graduation towards lilac across catwalks and interiors, ultra violet is like a new awakening. It’s a grown up version of both pink and lilac, in which we’ve woken up from our muted pastel world, taken off the rose-tinted glasses and realised that a colour once used to denote royalty is perfect for encapsulating the born-again mood of 2018. 2. Dark woods For years now, Scandinavian design, minimalism and all-white-everything have dominated the interiors scene. In came the blondes and in came the bland. But, it turns out that less really is, well, less, and at last we are set to bid goodbye to blonde woods and return to the glamour of the dark side. The rich tones of Walnut, Teak, Mahogany and Rosewood are all seeing a resurgence and being paired with metallic fixings to show off their shine and create statement pieces designed to do anything but blend-in. 3. Metallic finishings Our collective obsession with copper is showing no signs of flagging, and this year it will extend to include brass, antique gold, chrome, rose gold and gold in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Whether you want it to catch the light and glisten in the sun, or to have a smooth brushed-finish for a more muted tone, you can’t go wrong with adding a little metallic-something to your furniture pieces this year. In fact, some interior designers are encouraging mixing metals - this is kind of like wearing both gold and silver jewellery, it’s not really ‘done’ - but in 2018 designers are breaking all the rules and giving you the go-ahead to match copper and brass, or chrome and gold in creative ways that add flair rather than faux-pas. 4. Green is here to stay Did you just sigh with relief too? All those lovely palms and ferns you’ve been nurturing over the last year can rest easy in their flower beds, because they are not going anywhere. So feel free to invest in some greenery that will breathe life into your rooms, create urban jungles and quaint miniature gardens or invest in a cactus or two that will thrive on your neglect - whatever works best. Alternatively, opt for palm-print wallpaper or an accent chair covered in swarthy, green, velvet jungle-print. With green being symbolic for rebirth and rejuvenation, it’s certainly not going anywhere for a long time. 5. Statement ceilings Statement ceilings is one of the more exciting developments of 2018, for the one simple reason that we all have one. A lick of paint, a little plaster filigree, some tiling, whatever it be, drawing attention to your ceiling is a way of making a room seem far larger than it really is and can off-set wall art, rugs and upholstery through complimentary colour palettes. Trawl through pinterest board after pinterest board of jaw-dropping ceilings, adorned in graphic prints, funky patterns, or eye-watering shades of Gingham and Polker-dot and yet the effect is always charming and never over-the-top. Aside from the obvious obstacles of how to wall-paper a ceiling, it’s a win-win. 6. Quilting The past few years have seen soft and shimmering velvets slowly conquer the world of interiors, but in 2018 there might just be a new kid on the block. Quilting is back with a bang, and we’re not talking about patch-work here, but plush fabrics sewn in intricate patterns to create a plump, stuffed, effect. The outcome is gloriously opulent and set to knock the crown off velvet’s head. The best part about this trend is the opportunity to take part without waiting for your favourite fabric suppliers to catch on and make beautiful but affordable versions. There are countless Youtube channels ready and waiting to school you on the art of quilting, complete with patterns and designs that are easy and fun to try at home. So why not give your next upholstery project that extra level of sumptuousness. 7. Monochrome
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  Art-deco style monochrome is seeing a renaissance with swirling contrasts of black and white appearing across accent cushions, ceramic side tables, hand painted tiles and woven rugs. Black and white compliment almost any colour palette and looks particularly good offset against metallic details. Pair black and white photography with a casual throw, or splurge on a show stopping monochrome flagged-stone kitchen floor to make the most of this versatile trend.   Inspired by the trends of 2018? Let us know about your upcoming interior design projects, send us pictures of your re-loved chairs, and add a little sparkle with our metallic furniture legs and slipper cups.   *** Lynda Sparshatt lives in Düsseldorf where she re-upholsters 1950’s cocktail chairs and other Mid-Century furniture.

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