Be My Valentine

Here at Heritage Components, we like to keep things creative. Why not try putting your upholstery skills to good use this Valentine’s Day, and make your special someone a heartfelt gift! Cushions Make a special cushion to keep your loved one cosy! Find two fabrics of your choice (we suggest pink and red!) and cut them into 8 squares each of 120mm. Sew these together into an alternating pattern of the two fabrics, then press. Choose another fabric for the borders and cut into thin strips which will fit the edges of your pillow. Sew on the borders, and press – starting with the top and bottom, followed by the sides. This pattern is now ready to be turned into a pillow using a plain fabric of your choice for the back, and stuffed! If you have any great suggestions for the fabric patterns or how to make it unique, let us know! Garland This simple heart garland can brighten up your home and share the love. Trace and cut hearts out of a piece of linen, any size and quantity that you’d like. Using batting and an embroidery hoop, you can stitch words into your heart, such as love, kisses or your spouse’s name. Cut the linen, batting, and a second linen heart out, then stick together using the thread your used for the wording. Use a blanket stitch and a thick thread for a chunky design. Once you have made all of your hearts, string them together and hang above the fireplace! Feel free to spice it up using different type of fabrics and patterns to create really exciting garlands. Maps Our final suggestion is using maps to create something spectacular. This is such a versatile basis for a gift project. Start by thinking of the special moments you have spent with your partner and where they took place. Where did you first meeting, get engaged or get married? You can then stitch in a journey you have taken together or pinpoint the exact location you met with bright and fun thread colours. You can turn these maps into coasters, frame them or cut them into heart garlands.  

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