Chloe Looking Forward to First Leg of World Tour

We’re very proud to announce that our e-commerce Marketing Director Chloe Loader, who is also studying architecture at the University of Lincoln, has won a prestigious scholarship from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).   The annual £7,000 2017 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship enables the recipient to travel and research the future survival of our communities and explore sustainable urban planning in some of the developing world's fastest growing cities. After spotting the opportunity on a poster at the university, Chloe submitted her proposal entitled ‘Emerging Cities: Sustainable Master-Planning in the Global South’. On the first leg of her trip she will travel to Curitiba, Brazil, to investigate how the city has managed to develop as a successful urban model, despite large influxes of rural migrants. She will then travel to Mumbai and Jakarta, two cities she will use as case studies, to compare and contrast with Curitiba and identify ways in which other cities of similar economics and demographics could evolve. Chloe is planning on embarking on her adventure at the end of July and will spend two to three weeks in each country. A keen traveller, Chloe is looking forward experiencing the different cultures and is now in the process of planning her trip. Everyone here at Heritage Components is extremely proud of what she has achieved and while we will miss Chloe while she’s away, we would like to wish her every success. Who knows, maybe her experiences will inspire some new furniture legs or castors which we can add to our ever-growing product list!

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