Choosing the Right Pair of Legs

Choosing the right set of legs is no easy feat. There’s such a variety of options available, unless you know exactly what you want, just choosing the legs can be a lengthy process! Wood vs. Metal   Depending on whether you use wood or metal can completely change the appearance of your furniture. Metal is generally deemed as the more modern of the two, however we do offer some more traditional looking metal legs. Wood is a great choice if you want to soften a room. It provides cosiness which metal sometimes does not. If a sleek, minimalist style is what you’re after, metal legs look great contrasted with a wooden floor. Light vs. Dark   Light or dark wood can completely change the vibe of a home. Too much dark coloured wood in a room can make a space feel small and old fashioned. Whereas too much light wood in a light room may create more of a cottagey feel, not necessarily what you want to achieve. Contrasting dark wood with light upholstery and vice versa is a popular trend currently.  Castors vs. Slipper Cups  Are you planning on moving heavy furniture regularly? Castors are an ideal means of making furniture mobile. They come in a variety of finishes and can attach to the majority of wooden legs. Slipper cups a hugely popular right now, for both their interesting design and their functionality. We sell both slipper cups and slipper cups attached to wooden legs, so be sure to take a look! Looking for some hints and tips, check out our YouTube channel which has some excellent ‘how to’ videos.  

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