How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is the best way to display art and family pictures in a chic way in your home. You can combine holiday pictures, family portraits and treasured pieces of art together to create a balanced exhibition in your kitchen, living room and even up the stairs. This blog gives you 5 top tips to designing the perfect gallery wall for your home – with ways to save a penny or two too. 1) Mix styles up: The main design element of your gallery wall is the mixture of frames you can collect. You want to mix up the styles here between vintage and modern frames and you definitely want different sizes of frames. It is a good idea to have one signature piece of art that is larger than the other pieces. Don't spend a fortune on each frame either. Choose a couple of higher end frames mixed up with cheaper ones - nobody will notice. 2) Mirror, mirror: Adding a mirror to your wall gallery adds another dimension to your design especially if you can find a rustic antique mirror that is decorative. Consider sizes – maybe a collection of three smaller mirrors would look good. 3) Add a decorative piece: This can be a favourite quote or theme related piece such as an anchor that will add another dimension to your wall. This can really help to emphasize the overall theme of your home or room. A rustic manuscript would look great in an office setting and a clock would flatter a kitchen display. 4) Play with patterns: Mixing in some printed frames or covering the wall behind your gallery wall with a patterned wallpaper can really bring your wall to life. If you can make the wall play off your frames in style and hue then you will create a fashionable display in your home. 5) Map it all out first: Before you start hammering the wall, make sure you have laid out your display on the ground to decide on spacing and positioning. This way you won’t wind up with a lot of extra holes in the wall. You could even use a pencil to mark the wall too so you can be sure each frame is placed correctly. The most important thing to do is to try several combinations before you settle on a certain design – you never know what might work together. Do you have a gallery wall? What advice would you give? Share with us on our Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow us on Pinterest.

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