DIY Guide: How To Build Your Own Marble Top Table

Marble has made a huge comeback in the world of interior design.  It can add a refined look to your home, but the key to keeping it fresh is using it in small doses, rather than in amounts that may overwhelm the eye. Marble is strong and sturdy, adding a solid element of style and glamour to your home — but it’s worth noting it can also be very expensive (of course Marble-effect wraps are a low-cost alternative).  We’ve put together this tutorial to explain how to make your own marble coffee table or side table on a DIY budget. We’re incorporating two popular interior design trends, Marble (which is more art deco) and Mid Century to give your furniture a glamorous look while still staying modern.

Get The Look: DIY Marble Side Table with Gold Accents

Band marble coffee table | Architonic Image Credit: Designer Bethany Gray Since working with marble is particularly heavy we need to ensure that the table is as sturdy as possible and can be safely moved around. Therefore, instead of attaching the legs directly to the stone, we need to attach a piece of plywood to the bottom of the stone piece and then attach the legs to the wood (with the help of universal fixing plates).  Here’s what you’ll need.


  • Power screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Wood screws
  • Universal Plates
  • Furniture legs with brass cups
  • White piece of stone/granite/Marble Tile 
  • Glue/adhesive 


Step 1:  Affix (glue) a piece of plywood to the bottom of the stone and let it set and dry. Step 2:  Once set and dry turn your table top so that it's facedown on a level, flat surface. Attach the plates with small screws in the corners of your plywood, making sure the legs are not too close to the edge or close to the centre. Step 3: Our wooden legs with brass cups are already fitted with screws, so you just need to attach them to the mounting plate by hand. 
  Flip the completed table around and your side table is ready!
We hope this tutorial will give you some ideas and inspirations for your next project. We’ve got a huge collection of furniture legs with brass cups (available in different heights and styles) that we think will be perfect for this project. All our legs with brass cups come with fitted dowels screws which makes it super easy to install. You can also take advantage of our inhouse staining service, meaning you just pick your legs, and the finish you want and we’ll hand stain these for you — all you need to is attach them to your table top. If you take on this fun DIY project be sure to share your results with us via Facebook or Instagram.

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