Footstools and Castors

Over the last month we've been busy adding to our existing range of castors, as well as creating a brand new range of furniture legs designed specifically for footstools. By popular request, our brass castors with rubber wheels now come in antique and chrome finishes. As well as new finishes we now stock sizes ranging from 25mm to 38mm. This has greatly increased our choice of castors both for style and practicality. grip-neck   castors-with-rubber-wheel   While working on these castors, we have also been creating a new section for the store: Footstool legs. This section includes a range of legs that are designed to fit on a footstool, however most would also work well on other furniture pieces. These footstool legs can be found on our In The White store as they all come in a raw finish. The majority of these legs are tall, slim designs, however there are heavy-duty, chunky legs available for bigger footstools. There are also castored footstool legs available to allow for maneuverability as well providing a stylish finish. footstool-legs Save

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