Your Guide to Designing Christmas Pillows

The Christmas season is in full swing and every year it is nice to create a new addition to your Christmas home decorations. Instead of crafting a new ornament, why not design a set of Christmas pillows for your furniture? There are many designs available to gain inspiration from out there, from modern to traditional. This blogs gives you Heritage’s guide to the best Christmas pillow designs of 2014. Cable Knit/Jumper Material: Jumper material is really popular on pillows and for blankets at the moment and for good reason. A lovely cable knit cream pillow or wool, Christmas-print pillow looks cosy and inviting on any sofa. If you consider yourself quite the knitter, then it's a lovely gift idea to knit a friend a cable knit pillow. Alternatively, nip down to the fabric shop and pick out your favourite ugly Christmas jumper material. Text from your favourite Christmas Song: Any home décor accessory that gets your visitors humming a favourite Christmas tune is a win in our book. You can take the long road and cut each letter out in felt or a fabric of your choice, or you can use a felt tip pen. Some of our favourites are “Baby, it’s cold outside”, “Let it Snow” or “Merry and Bright”. Reindeer Silhouette: Reindeer pillows are gaining popularity this year too with designers playing around with different fabric for their reindeer shapes. You can go for a red pillow with the black shape of a reindeer for a chic look, or choose a patterned fabric to add some texture. Maybe play around with the different types of fabric too and don’t forget the big antlers. Christmas shapes: Why not try your hand at making your pillow from scratch in the shape of Christmas items, such as a star or a tree? You can choose a festive fabric to cover your festive pillows in. You can even mix up the fabric to help give shape to your design. How lovely would a gingerbread man pillow look or a candy cane. Mix and match your patterns: Adding a variety of patterns and textures to your Christmas pillows is key in bringing them to life. Why not try all the above designs and place them neatly around the house or all on the sofa. It is guaranteed to make your home welcoming, comfy, festive and stylish. For pictures of the ideas in today’s blog, please visit our Pinterest. Do you have any ideas for pillow decorations for Christmas? Share with us over on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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