Heritage Components’s Top 5 Design Tips

Through the journey of building our furniture leg and upholstery supplies business we have come across some decorating ideas that we have loved and some of them even made their way into our home. Today’s blog is devoted to letting you in on some of these designs that will either make your life easier, more comfortable or just prettier. Kitchen Chalk Board A whiteboard looks like it belongs in school. Everything gets congested and falls off a pin board. Yet a chalkboard looks rustic and beautiful. Installing a big chalkboard in your kitchen is cheap to do and looks fab if you match it with a gold and black frame. You can then use it for a giant calendar, shopping list, or general household to do list. Different Coloured Walls This is no new phenomenon but we love the different block colours on each wall in a room. Always match a lighter colour, like oyster, with a deeper colour like brown. You can even get really adventurous and do one wall in stripes but this is no easy feat and includes maths and precision. Like a challenge? Jumper Pillows These pillows are so comfortable and can change the mood in your living room to comfy and cozy immediately. Nip to your local charity shop and get comfy jumpers, preferably cable knits and/or cardigans. Then read this fab blog from Home Made Modern. This is a lovely addition in autumn when you want to snuggle up on the sofa with your blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. The Vintage Suitcase This is one popular item for pretty much anything in your home. We have seen the vintage suitcase be used for a decorate piece, shelving and even as an ottoman. Browse through our new collection of castors and legs and create your very own suitcase ottoman, great for an office space. Shelves to Bar Cart This is one of our favourites. You can change a table or shelf into a bar cart. Read the blog here for some inspiring pictures but simply put, you add castors to the legs so it becomes a cart and viola, you have a moving bar cart. Great for BBQs in the garden this summer or for entertaining friends in the kitchen (carpet doesn’t work so well). It does have a vintage look too so ideal for those with a more retro style. What favourite designs have you discovered? Chat with us over on our Facebook and Twitter ☺

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