Metal Furniture Legs

With our recent influx of new metal furniture legs into our range, we’ve decided to explore how metal can be used to accessorise your home. Copper One of the biggest trends has been the recent love of copper. This is a great trend that has been around for some time, but is now in full swing. Copper can be used from pots and pans to stylish chairs – our Saxony metal furniture legs are a great way to spice up your furniture. These are available in a wide range of finishes, but copper is definitely one of the most popular. Copper has strong connotations with luxury, while still adding a feeling of warmth. Depending on the style you are looking for, use a colour combination to suit. Pastels and pinks allow a feminine approach, while greys can create a cooler, industrial look.   Brass The brass metal furniture trend sits hand in hand with copper. Use these to create an air of opulence or industrialism, depending on what you combine them with. Use brass in small, but effective methods. Examples include the frame of a mirror, highlights in your wallpaper, and even metallic threads in your rugs and cushions. If you’re feeling adventurous, trying merging brass accents with different metals around your room for an exciting form. Dark metal In contrast to the above themes, our last trend is moody and mysterious. Dark metal finishes, such as matte black or gun metal are a sleek and modern alternative to traditional metal finishes. Matte black connects a modern rustic feel with a touch of elegance. Our new Kainuu metal legs have been a huge hit, with either polished or matte black finishes to suit your furniture. This is a great, versatile leg with a base that allows you to adjust the angle, or can be removed entirely to leave just the sleek leg.

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