Need custom brass castor wheels for your next project? Here’s what we can do for you

Here at Heritage Components we design and produce high quality castors wheels in over 20 different finishes to match your interior and give you that personal feel.  All our castor wheels are made of strong, durable solid brass, available in a variety of patinated finishes. We have a growing selection of castor wheels ranging from 16mm in size all the way up to 45mm sizes, all of which are available in various different styles, such as round-cup castors, square-cup castors, screw castors, grip neck with socket castors, and vintage tea trolley castors to name but a few.



In addition to our stocked range we also offer a fully bespoke customisation service to all our trade customers, at no additional charge. We can work together with you to design and produce castors, or any other brass components, specifically for your projects. We take pride in being able to offer our products to hundreds of businesses all over the world including here in the UK, and to Scandinavia, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, America and others. These businesses include shop fitters, interior designers, joinery and contracting service companies, product designers and furniture manufacturers. 

See our full range of castors. If you’ve got something specific in mind please get in touch to see how we can help. You can send all your enquiries to or call our friendly team for a chat on +44(0)1522 685974.

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