Reupholster Your Furniture to Match Changing Styles

When clothing styles change, we buy a new wardrobe, but what about when home style changes? Does that mean we have to go out and buy new furniture? And what about the furniture we already have? What do we do with that? Just as buying a new wardrobe every time style change can be expensive, so can buying new home furnishings just because yours are outdated or don’t match current trends. In life, styles change and there is a way that you can change the style of your home furnishings without having to buy new. Whether you are doing some remodeling to your home or just some interior designs sprucing up, you can change the look of your furniture just as easily and maybe even just as affordably. We are talking about reupholstering it; changing the fabric covering of your furniture to update the look or completely change it and create a whole new look for your home. There are many things to consider when reupholstering your furniture if you are going to tie it in with the rest of your home’s décor. First off, if you are looking to add more height to your room making it more airy and cheerful, choose a fabric with vertical stripes. Likewise, if you want to add more length to your room giving it the appearance of being much larger than it is, you should choose horizontal stripes. If quaintness is your idea of cozy, look for bold patterns than can make an area look much smaller and avoid patterns with smaller designs as these can give the opposite effect. Remember, if you pair a bold pattern with a bold color, use it only in rooms where you won’t be spending much time in such as a hallway, guest room or bathroom. All of the above tips work with rooms that are already furnished with accessories a various other personal items. If you happen to be designing a room from scratch, your choice of patterns and colors for reupholstering your furniture is almost limitless. Now, you can choose colors that speak to you and build a room around it. Decide which colors you like, then find a pattern that will give the end result you want for the room and start reupholstering. With proper technique, it has never been easier to change up the style of a room or an entire home. Take a look around at your furniture; is there something you would like to change?

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