New Senco Products In Stock!

We're pleased to announce that we now stock a range of Senco products to help with your upholstering needs. We stock from lightweight staplers and clinch tools, up to heavy duty and specialised tools to fulfil specific tasks like reaching into smaller gaps and providing heavier fixings.  

Senco Tools:

Senco light wire stapler SFT10XP_300dpi_100x78mm_D_NR-5445 (2) The Senco light wire stapler is the basic model of the series. Its an all round tool used for general upholstery jobs, however if you need some heavy duty stapling or to fit into a tight gap, it may be wise to invest in a higher grade model.     Senco light wire stapler SFT10XP-LN_300dpi_100x97mm_D_NR-5443 (2)   As mentioned above, if you need the ability to fit in tighter gaps, then the extended nose light wire stapler is perfect for you.         Senco heavy wire stapler SNS41 _300dpi_100x79mm_D_NR-5959 (2)   At the far end of the spectrum, we have the Heavy wire stapler. Its heavy duty staples can hold tougher and tighter stretched materials in place with ease.     To accompany this we also provide a range of compressors to power your tools. These vary from small compressors with 0.5 Horsepower, up to models with an output of 3.5 Horse power. This means you have all the options available for the tasks you need them to fulfill.  

Senco Compressors

PC1010   Senco's PC1010 compressor is their smallest, and arguably easist to use, in their range. Allowing you to power your tools for smaller jobs.       PC1250   The PC1250 is a high quality mid-range compressor used for high power output, with a huge 46L tank capacity, to power your equipment for longer, heavy duty work.     PC1246     The PC1246 compressor is used for longer, more tasking work. Employing a different transport method to the carry handle of the PC1010, it is also easy to transport with its large wheels.     Its up to you what specifications you require for your upholstery needs, but rest assured, whatever they are, we will stock the perfect tool or power source for the job!

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