Top 4 Unique Upholstery Designs

Recently there have been some upholstery trends that are really unique and playful. They show how a modern take on upholstery can completely transform a piece of furniture in your home. If you want to liven up a piece of furniture or you are just in need of some new, creative ideas then take a look below. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite new looks. Patriotic: It isn’t just World Cup season that is making everyone a little patriotic. It seems that flags on furniture, whether in the form of the pillow or the actual upholstery material itself, is a trend popping up all over the place. Don’t worry though, you don’t actually have to use your own country if you don’t want…Maybe a favourite holiday destination? Not all countries can have a flag quite as aesthetically pleasing as the British and American though so maybe choose between the two. Burlap: Burlap is winning every popularity contest at the moment. It is at every wedding and featured in every home in some form or another. The thing about burlap is that it has paired the sophisticated with the shabby in perfect unison. Classic furniture can now work in a modern room with burlap upholstery, whilst antique traditional homes can add a touch of burlap’s modern, industrial feel. Aim to get a scratch free burlap though if you want anyone to actually sit on it. Multi-pattern: Combining several different fabrics onto one piece of furniture is also a new popular trend. How far you take this is entirely up to you. You can go all out crazy and use as many different pieces of fabric as you can possibly include and create somewhat of a patchwork quilt chair or sofa. Or you can keep it a little more balanced with certain sections in different fabrics, using up to three different prints. Pictures: Pop-art is popping up, literally, in upholstery design and it looks amazing. Get a life size photo of your dog, or your favourite band or idol and print their image onto your chair or sofa. You could go for the Andy Warhol neon colours look or stick to classical paintings for a more antique feel. You can also fit the picture on just one piece of furniture or spread it across two. Why not add brightly coloured fabric to your design to set off the rest of the upholstery design.

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