Top 5 Cool Ideas for your Headboard

A headboard is another piece of furniture in your home that you can use many of your upholstery tools towards. If you really go to town on your headboard, you can tuft, staple, thread, foam and trim. This blog looks at some cool headboard designs you may want to use on your next headboard projects. In need of supplies? Go visit our online shop. Material: The material you choose will depend on the type of atmosphere you are going for in your bedroom. You can create a beautiful design with suede, a rustic feel with wood, a deep and textured feeling with rug material, a light and spring sensation with floral and a country vibe with cowhide. Get creative and venture away from standard material to make your headboard pop. Headboard style: Luckily for every designer, headboards have been around for centuries and there are several styles that you can choose from; one from each era to be precise. Aside from a modern look, you might opt for a 19th Century French headboard, a Venetian Style, 19th Century Italian headboard or you might even use another element of your home such as a door to complete your look.


Patterns: You can create some amazing patterns on your headboard via tufting or nails. You can go for a more traditional cushion tufting or a unique modern design. Make it personal… maybe there is a picture of a drawing you love from your travels? Maybe you can design something to match the theme of your room if your home – a shell by the sea for example? Accessories: Adding a trimming with some rope or securing your headboard with nails are the final touches to your headboard and can add to the style you desire. Rustic nails like these ones available from Heritage will look great as apart of a country design. A hessian rope will be ideal for the beach. The great thing about these additional accessories is it makes your headboard feel much more secure. Finishing touches: pillows and linens: As with anything in home décor, it is all down to the finishing touches to complete a design. Depending on the style you have gone for you want to complete the look with linens, blankets and pillows. In Feng Shui an orange blanket completes a room. You may want long sausage pillows or comfortable fluffy pillows. This attention to detail will finish off your headboard design nicely.

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