Walnut and Cherry Furniture legs!

Great news! We've just introduced a new line of Walnut and Cherry legs! Both materials have 4 models each, 2 round tapered legs with different heights, and 2 square tapered legs with different heights.  

The new Walnut and Cherry legs

The solid Walnut timber models consist of Daphne, Doris, Glynis and Gwyneth. Now, if you're aiming to raise your sofa or any other furniture, these legs are ideal with heights of 180mm and 230mm, and they look particularly stylish as replacements for ikea sofas and bespoke furniture ranges. Daphne Solid Walnut Furniture LegsDoris Tall Solid Walnut Furniture Legs     Daisy and Darcy run off of the same designs, shape and sizes, just in Cherry wood. Darcy is the taller of the 2, standing at 230mm, and Daisy as the 180mm model. If you're looking for a more mellow, cherry colour, with a smooth rounded finish, then these are certainly good choices.     Daisy Solid Cherry Furniture LegsDarcy Solid Cherry Furniture Legs   If you're not after rounded legs and fancy something with a square top and base, then we still have Glynis, Gwyneth, Gabrielle and Gloria for you to check out. Same principle, different shape, simple. Gwyneth is the first of our Walnut models. Shes the tall one. Again, 230mm makes her the perfect leg for raising your furniture, and with the dark wood of the Walnut, she wont disappoint when it comes to the final look. Glynis, smaller, but just just as pleasing to look at. Standing at 180mm, this model will keep your furniture at what most would consider regular height while still adding a little something extra with the high quality Walnut finish. Glynis Square Walnut Furniture LegsGwyneth Tall Square Walnut Furniture Legs Finally, that brings us to Gabrielle and Gloria. The smooth Cherry legs. The taller of the two, Gloria, again stands at 230mm tall and is ideal for raising your furniture. Gabrielle stands at 180mm and allows you to add a little bit of style with natural, mellow Cherry colour as a nice replacement to a lot of simple legs that your average sofa or chair would come with.     Gabrielle Square Cherry Furniture LegsGloria Tall Cherry Furniture Legs     Have any of these legs caught your eye? You can find them under "Wooden Furniture Legs" on our website.

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