Wooden Furniture Legs – Traditional or Modern Styles?

Buy wooden legs for a cost-effective way to update your furniture. The addition of a new set of bun feet or legs on your upholstery, chair, sofa or other furniture can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of the piece and enable it to fit in with any room design change, without buying new furniture. Changing any component of your furniture whether it is fabrics or soft furnishings can enhance the character of your furniture, but for the best impact, changing your feet or legs can prove the most effective way to make a striking difference. A traditional wooden leg with castors, square or round feet, with detailing and of various sizes and heights will all result in different finishes and styles. In the past, traditional styles of chairs and sofas appealed to the mature consumer, whilst contemporary styling appealed to on-trend, younger buyers. Over recent years there has been a fusion of these styles with current designs much more difficult to label. Using striking fabrics or contrasting furniture legs and accessories with the original style of furniture, has given rise to a transitional breed of designs. We have seen interior and furniture designers take a much more independent approach and push back against the minimalist styles of modern times. A mix and match style is becoming much more prevalent in independent boutiques. Examples of this include traditional wooden legs with castors blended with more modern furniture to create a unique style, or bold, innovative fabric designs being used to reupholster antique furniture. Famous furniture designers now talk of a warm, modern style to characterise this range of chairs and sofas. There is no doubt that various styles can mesh together to create a cohesive, eclectic room. Quality, classic furniture of any era is timeless. If you make minor adjustments as fashions change, they will never go out of style. This type of furniture, furniture you love, should be made a focal point, never hidden or discarded. They simply need a new touch to integrate them with any new room décor change, without losing the integrity of the original design. Reinvent your furniture. Equally, if comfort is your priority, but you don’t want to sacrifice style, you can use accessories to achieve this. You can retain the comfortable chairs and sofas and still show some design flair. Giving an accent to your furniture in this way can give your room real character and perhaps more importantly in these straightened economic times, it is relatively inexpensive. Most people would like to have something different from everybody else in their home and using accessories in this way can provide a great opportunity to do this, even if it is only one piece of furniture that is a bit different. A new passion for repurposing and recycling furniture in the last few years has its roots in the green movement and of course, with thrift the watchword in many households today, we have seen a boon in eclectic furniture styling. So don’t discard your high-quality chairs and sofas in favour of cheap imports with no longevity, restyle your current furniture and create your own unique designs.

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