Case Study: Heritage Helps Furniture Maker Go the Extra Mile

Family-run business PF Collections has been producing fine, hand-made British upholstery for almost 30 years. Although the firm has been in the industry for a long time, it’s still leading the way with its classic and contemporary designs. In fact PF Collections’ mid-century Cocktail sofa and chair range, featuring Heritage Components’s Asta solid oak tapered furniture legs, was recently on display at London Design Week. Based in Long Eaton in Nottinghamshire, the centre of upholstery manufacturing in England, PF Collections was founded by John Campbell in 1988. However, it was his son Chris Campbell who first came across Heritage Components while looking for furniture legs in a specific colour for a customer. Chris explained: “We were making some furniture for an interior designer who wanted a particular sort of chair leg and sent us a link to a photo on Heritage Components’s website. We really liked the look of it and contacted Martin at Heritage to find out more. “We used to use local suppliers in Nottinghamshire but many of those had disappeared and there was a big shift the industry which was forcing us to go down the wholesaler route. What grabbed me about Heritage is that they were offering bespoke, high-quality products which we could order in small quantities. “Their Asta legs, which have fitted slipper cups, for example, have a very high-quality feel and come in 22 different finishes. Our customers can also choose from nine different slipper cups, allowing them to create a piece of furniture that feels like it’s unique to them. “Martin and the team are great to work with and we like the fact that they offer so much choice and have no minimum order restrictions. We work with several top interior designers who are often looking for something very specific but only want to order very small quantities and they love the fact that we can offer them that flexibility. “We are now considering the possibility of commissioning Heritage Components to make bespoke legs for us as our customers are increasingly asking for made-to-measure furniture or one-off designs.” To find out more about PF Collections please visit For more information email or call and speak to a member of the team on 01522 685974.Save Save Save Save